Tap ToDo

4.7 ( 2037 ratings )
Utilidades Productividad
Desarrollador Pakl

TapToDo is an easy-to-use, streamlined application for to-do lists and shopping lists. You can keep a list of frequent items that you simply tap to add to your list, or you can manually type items into each list. In addition, you can email lists to your device (special characters, i.e., accents, are now supported).

- TapToDos icon can display a red badge number to indicate how many uncompleted items you have left in your lists.

- Simple: Type in or tap frequent items to prepare your list; then tap to check them off.

- Quick: Make new checklists from your frequent items.

- Flexible: Add new todo items to your current lists on the fly (optionally adding them to your frequent items database).

- Email items to your device from your computer using www.taptodo.com. (Tap the link in the e-mail message to import the items into the appropriate list.)

- Edit items while preparing your list (unselect the item and tap the little blue button that appears to edit).

TapToDo supports 3 separate lists (Work, Personal and Shopping), each with their own database of frequent items.